Let’s Play

Version 3It’s true the world is distressing right now. Every day some new horror seems to appear on the news. And as Kathy said so eloquently last week, the practice really can be a refuge. But there is something to letting it all go sometimes and just finding a sense of play.

In yoga, there is a term called Lila, which means “play of the gods” but also reminds me to find that sense of wonder, of joy, of sheer fun in doing things that aren’t a normal part of adult daily life.

Sometimes my ‘mat sessions’ feel like sheer fun, reminding me of those childhood days of rolling down hills and the accomplishment of learning to ride my bike or make it all the way across the monkey bars. When I put my feet on my head in a new pose, flip over backwards for the first time, flow through the poses exactly on the breath, catch my ankles in backbending, I experience a sense of play, joy and wonder. How often do we get to feel that in the course of our days?

Sometimes the practice is hard. Life weighs on my mind. Or my body won’t perform the way I’d like. But often it’s thrilling. And when the magic of a new crazy accomplishment occurs I’ll find myself giggling like a child.

Come play with us soon.



Please visit www.AshtangaYogaWoodstock.com for more information.
Please email info@ashtangayogawoodstock or call/text 9 1 7 – 7 9 7 – 8 2 7 2 to let us know you are coming.


The studio will be closed this coming Tuesday – Thursday while Kathy is away with classes resuming on Friday. 


No Mysore classes on moon days.  The next moon day is this Tuesday, July 19th. 


Sunday 10 AM – 12 PM: Mysore (doors open 9:30 AM)

Monday and Friday 6:30 AM – 8 AM: Mysore (doors open 6 AM)

Saturday 1:30 – 2:30 PM: Parent/Child: Yoga for Kids

$15 per single class.  $12 for students/artists/retirees.

$80 for 3 classes per week for 1 month. $60 for students/artists/retirees.

$108 for unlimited classes for 1 month.  $javascript:void(‘heading%201’)80 for students/artists/retirees.

Reduced rates available for those in need.

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