Life Lessons from a Kindergartener


Everything I need to know about yoga (and life) I learned from my kindergartener.  

The other night my soon-to-be-six year old daughter Ruthie was asking me to teach her some yoga poses while we were playing in the living room.   Every time she’d try to touch her head to the floor in prasarita padottanasana (the wide-legged forward bend you see above) she would tumble over.  After the fifth or sixth time doing this she hopped up and exclaimed, “why am I so good at somersaulting?!”

If only we could all find so much joy in our challenges and struggles.

On this day of giving thanks and indulgence and family and cooking and washing dishes, may we all find one little potential struggle or frustration we can turn on its head to find joy instead.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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