I heard Ashtanga was an advanced practice, is that true? Ashtanga Yoga is a practice that is tailored to you.  Many people love the practice so much that they stick with it for many years and become advanced practitioners, however, you do not need to have any experience with yoga to practice Ashtanga Yoga.  Beginners welcome!

How can I start?  We ask that you try at least 3 classes in your first week in order to get a sense of what consistent practice feels like. You can also come watch first if you prefer.

Is it a 90 minute class? No, it is not a 90 minute class… students come and go during the 90 minute window. You can arrive at any time during the given time slot as long as you allow enough time for practice.  When you build up to practicing a full series, you will likely be practicing for about 90 minutes.  For your first class, please be sure to give yourself at least 30 minutes for practice.

How much time should I allow for practice?  For beginners, your practice may be as short as 15 – 30 minutes the first time you come but will quickly become 45 minutes – 1 hour if you come regularly and will grow to about 1 1/2 hours over time.

How often should I practice?    Ashtanga Yoga is meant to be a daily practice with one day of rest per week and an additional day of rest on new and full moon days. Not everyone is ready to make this sort of commitment at the beginning and you are more than welcome to come as often as you are willing and able.  The practice is most beneficial when it is done at least 3-6 days per week.

Should I practice when I am menstruating? This is a personal choice, however, many senior women teachers and practitioners  of Ashtanga Yoga recommended that you take a Ladies Holiday and refrain from practice during the first three days of menstruation.

What should I eat before practice?  Ideally nothing.  Ashtanga Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.  Please try to refrain from eating for at least two hours before practice.

Should I bring a water bottle?  Only for before or after you are done practicing.  Unless you are pregnant or have extenuating health conditions, it is advised not to drink during practice as we are trying to build heat in the body and avoid distraction and sipping from a water bottle interferes with both.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?  If you begin to practice yoga regularly you will want your own mat.  But if you don’t have one yet or you forget yours, we do have a few that we can lend out.

What should I wear?  Clothes that let you stretch and bend.