Ashtanga Links

Ashtanga Yoga practice should only be undertaken with the guidance of an experienced teacher.  The following resources are meant as a compliment to that relationship for the times when you need to self practice at home or when traveling.

Downloadable Primary Series Cheat Sheet

Ashtanga Invocation

Closing Mantra

For those just getting started and doing sun salutations and finishing poses on your own at home, here are some nice video links that might help:

In Ashtanga you start with sun salutations,  which are the foundation of the practice. 
Here is a video of sun salutation As or as they are called, surya namaskara A:  .   Do this 5 times.  Focus on trying to coordinate your breath with the movements… arms over head you inhale, bend forward you exhale, inhale head up, exhale jump back…
Then do Suryanamaskara B  5 times.
Then do the three finishing postures: 
Hold yoga mudra for 10 breaths.
Then hold padmasana  for 10 breaths
Then hold uth pluthi for 10 breaths ( butt should be off the ground for this… you’ll probably have to build up but do what you can. )
Then rest in shavasana for a few minutes.  
If you want to do more but don’t remember the correct sequence and vinyasa for the poses then just do what you can remember or do additional Surya Namaskara As and Bs and hold the 3 finishing poses for additional breaths until you can see a series.   Doing this 15 minutes a day will create a wonderful foundation for your practice.   Remember to coordinate each movement with the breath.  Inhale, up or forward.  Exhale, down or back.

Local Ashtanga Teachers and Friends: Laura Olson & Sarah Willis

Sri K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute (The Source)

Ashtanga Montauk  (Christine Hoar)

Ashtanga Yoga New York (Eddie Stern in NYC)

Purple Yoga (Cathy Louise Broda’s studio in Honolulu) (Great resource for Books, DVDs, and Ashtanga Yoga Workshop info)


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