Fall news…

e56a1831-ae3c-4c05-b8b9-15d3047083d2.jpegFacebook Group:
If you’d like to stay up to date on practice times and Mysore classes at our place in Woodstock then please join the new Ashtanga Yoga Woodstock facebook group. We have self practice and/or Mysore classes a few early mornings a week, including weekends. To be a part of the group please click “join group” after clicking on the link above.

Intro to Ashtanga Series:
Jacquelyn has been teaching an Intro to Ashtanga series from 7:30 – 8:30 PM on Thursday nights at The Yoga House (midtown location). If you’re new to Ashtanga or new to yoga then this is a great place to start.   She has a new series beginning in January.  Visit The Yoga House for more information.

Led Classes:
If you’re looking for led Ashtanga classes then check out The Yoga House in Kingston.

Beginning Tuesday, November 7th I’ll be teaching a weekly led primary class at the uptown location from 5:45 – 7:15 PM.

Jacquelyn teaches 2 led primary classes
Thursday nights 5:45 – 7:15 at The Yoga House (midtown location)
Sunday mornings* 8 AM – 9:30 AM at The Yoga House (midtown location).

3 led classes per week in Kingston, people! Plus 3 – 4 days of either Mysore style or self practice if you join the Facebook Group.

*I’ll be subbing the Sunday morning led primary class at The Yoga House on Sunday, November 5th

I hope you’re all happy and well and enjoying this lovely October.

Mysore Style/(Led Class as needed) Ashtanga Yoga Class: Beginning this Friday at 6 AM.

Mysore Style/(Led Class as needed) Ashtanga Yoga: Fridays at 6 AM.

Self Practice (with help where you need it): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 6 AM – 7:30 AM:

Please call or text 9 1 7 – 7 9 7 – 8 2 7 2 the night before coming (by 8:30 PM).

No charge for self practice.  Friday classes are offered by donation.  Suggested donation $10 – 20.


Please contact Kathy by 8:30 PM the night before if you plan on coming.  She can be reached at 9 1 7 – 7 9 7 – 8 2 7 2 or email info@ashtangayogawoodstock.com

Private instruction in Ashtanga Yoga and lifestyle coaching can also be arranged with Laura Olson.

Back to Mornings: Schedule Update

peanuts sunrise sunsetThe evening experiment was fun while it lasted but I’m just too tired to practice when I get home from work every day!

So we are back to mornings for self practice with assitance where needed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  6:30 AM – 8 AM.  


Please contact me if you plan on coming.




Spring/summer Schedule Update 

No practice on new or full moon days.  

Mysore classes are suspended for the time being.

Self Practice (with help where you need it): 

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 

6 PM – 8 PM 

Private instruction in Ashtanga Yoga and lifestyle coaching can also be arranged with Laura Olson.


New Beginnings

Happy spring to you all…

I have just returned from a fantastic week of yoga practice and surfing with our teacher, Christine Hoar, on the Osa Peninsula.  It was wonderful waking up to the sun rising over the Pacific, the bizarre growl of howler monkeys and the squawking of parrots. It’s a very noisy place! Early morning surf sessions before practice made my arms and shoulders sore and tired but they sure do wake you up like nothing else.  

Spring is the season of new beginnings: 

We are incredibly grateful to Barbara Boris and Woodstock Yoga for hosting us over the last six months but for a variety of personal reasons we’ve decided to move the Ashtanga program back to our private studio at 15 Chipmunk Lane (off of Zena Rd) as of tomorrow for the time being.  

Mysore classes will be held:   Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 6:30 AM – 8 AM.

Students new to the Ashtanga practice or who don’t have the series committed to memory should come at 7 AM.

Self practice:  Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:30 AM – 8 AM.

Hope to see you soon!

Om Namah Shivaya.

Kathy (and Laura)


Life Lessons from a Kindergartener


Everything I need to know about yoga (and life) I learned from my kindergartener.  

The other night my soon-to-be-six year old daughter Ruthie was asking me to teach her some yoga poses while we were playing in the living room.   Every time she’d try to touch her head to the floor in prasarita padottanasana (the wide-legged forward bend you see above) she would tumble over.  After the fifth or sixth time doing this she hopped up and exclaimed, “why am I so good at somersaulting?!”

If only we could all find so much joy in our challenges and struggles.

On this day of giving thanks and indulgence and family and cooking and washing dishes, may we all find one little potential struggle or frustration we can turn on its head to find joy instead.

Happy Thanksgiving!